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3 Inventions that changed the world (Modern World History episode 2)

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Episode 2 of my Modern World History series kicks off our tour of the world in 1450. In this episode I give you a demographic overview of the world in 1450 and the three technologies that all emerge around this time making the modern era possible. Then in the following three episodes, we will explore each region of the world and get an overview of what life what like politically, socially, and economically.

Episode 2 - global demographics and 3 inventions that changed the world (this episode)

Episode 3 - East Asia and the South Pacific

Episode 4 - West Asia, Africa, Siberia, the Americas

Episode 5 - Europe

Building on the series premier, in episode 2 we try to leave behind our own biases and perspectives and fully take on that of the people in living 1450. We may not agree with their values or decisions, but we can and should try to objectively understand their motivations. Perhaps the most motivating forces of this time were 3 new technologies that emerged.

Watch the full episode here:

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Take your learning a step further by joining the Teaching Liberty Community for the guided notes and learning activities that go along with this episode. The activities this week are focused on geography and map reading. This knowledge will come in handy as the world becomes ever more interconnected. Indeed, as with having an understanding of the role of the historian in studying history, it is likewise fundamental to have an excellent grasp of geography.

I look forward to the next episode of Modern World History when we will depart on our tour of the world in 1450!

References for Episode 2:

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