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Spring has SPRUNG

Just in time for spring, I am offering another round of the Sprouting Food Security course with my beautiful farmer friend, Elizabeth, owner of Queen Bee's Farmacy.

Over this 4-week course you will learn everything you need to have a successful summer garden. Whether you have been gardening for years or you are just getting into it, this is more than a class, it is a community.

Along with meeting each week on Wednesdays for 2 hours between 7pm and 9pm, we also have a Private Group in the Teaching Liberty Community, so we can share our experiences and ask questions. Once the class is over you remain in this group and have access to the recordings of all of the classes.

REGISTER NOW to take advantage of our EARLY BIRD ticket pricing.

If you missed Part 1 of this course, that's perfectly fine. In Part 2, we are focusing on preparing your garden for the summer. Whereas, in part 1 we focused on indoor gardening for the winter focusing on growing sprouts and regrowing food from used veggies.

Note that you can purchase the recordings of that 6-week (12 hours of farming knowledge) for just $15 by upgrading your ticket.

Those who participate in this course will be the first group of people we invite on our camping trip Jun 10th-12th in Upstate NY. If there are still spaces, we will offer them to others after that.

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