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Series Premier: Modern World History

The first episode of the Modern World History series is now available!!!

Three exclamation points do not begin to express the amount of excitement I have, not just for the premier of this series, but for Teaching Liberty Academy in general.

My mission is to offer a range of educational materials and services, as well as to build a thriving community of courageous thinkers. I believe everyone everywhere deserves access to a high quality education for free and that is why ALL of my videos and video series will always be free; however, LIBERTY IS NOT FREE. If you find value in the content I produce, please consider making a donation via paypal, cashapp, or venmo:

Cashapp: $TeachingLiberty

Venmo: @StephanieEdmonds19

You can also support by becoming a member of the Teaching Liberty Community. Currently it is free to join until 12/31/21. However, if you believe in my vision, I encourage you to purchase the annual subscription for $50. As a member you can access discussion boards, lesson materials that go with each video, as well as exclusive events. Each day this community will become more vibrant and have more to offer!


The Modern World History video series begins around the 1450 and brings us through the present. Before delving into these events however, in this video, I paint a broad picture of some of the global trends and establish the viewers expectations of what they will learn from this series. In this context, I ask the viewer to consider the interplay between themselves as in individual - right here, right now - and the events of history.

We all have our own experiences and bias and these impact how we understand history. This includes me! Therefore, before we can explore historical events, we need to think about the human experience and in particular, our own identity. I leave the viewer with two questions:



You can get guided notes and other learning activities in the "Lesson Materials" section of the Teaching Liberty Community (must be a member at the Learning Liberty level or higher).

As always, I encourage you to send me questions and comment either by email (, by leaving a message below this post, or by engaging in the "Town Square" discussion boards.

Peace, Love, and Liberty,


Links & resources referenced in the video:

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