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Now that the establishment has declared covid is over, what will you be doing with your new found liberties?

Gregor Williams
Gregor Williams
27 mar 2022

Yes yes. Packing truck on Tuesday and after I get out of the city and get some family time I am ready. During this time I know I need to juice up my batteries. I purchased a good vehicle and plan on traveling with my live-streaming kit and exploring out what’s out there. Not going corporate nor am I opening a restaurant. What am I gonna do? Guess I will find out. We are the news and the change (I am more interested in mental, emotional and spiritual than physical) that is coming needs to be documented and shared. We are the news. WWG1WGA Jesus flipped tables, fed the masses, cured the sick and spread the truth about God. Jesus is my hero. Everyday I strive to be more like Jesus. G.

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