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I was listening to the radio (which I never do) and Funk Flex was dropping bombs (if you know anything about NYC hip-hop radio, FF is a legendary DJ who popularized the bomb sound effect) and ranting about how there is no respect in the game anymore - that people steal each other's sounds and make a snippet and a dance and go viral and then we never hear from them about; the culture is lost and it's just 1-dimensional non-sense.

On the other hand, before the internet, there was so much gatekeeping that it had a similar effect too - pop music with little substance and losing the connection from the people who made it big in the first place.

What do you think is the right balance between centralization/gatekeeping and decentralization/no barriers to entry?

Gregor Williams
Gregor Williams
Mar 25, 2022

The old way was super sick and corrupt. Everyone with any experience have stories. The listening public is uninformed and very low brow tastes at the moment across the board. The dream of musical stardom is a dream fueled on abuse and trafficking. The new future is decentralized people singing because they feel the need to sing. Why else sing? What’s your motivation? Truth, integrity and community is the commodity of the future.



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