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While I know people on both sides of the covid/vaccine issue are mostly making decisions irrationally (including myself) and that we need to win hearts, not minds, I am still inclined to search for rational conversation.

Two people who I think are having great conversations are Dr. Vinay Prasad and ZDogg. They are both pro-vaccine, but anti-mandate, which makes them perfect for having conversations with friends and family who you find yourself on opposite sides of on covid. They model how to have conversations and how to disagree without losing our minds.

Here is their latest podcast together: Omicron Panic, Natural Immunity, Fluvoxamine, & More (w/ Dr. Marty Makary & Dr. Vinay Prasad)

I also think Prasad's latest summarizing the politics of boosters is fantastic: FDA Vaccine Officials Resign & Now Write Op Eds | A Play-by-Play Summary of Politics & Boosters

I'd love to know what videos, articles, and tactics you are using to connect with friends and family who view this issue differently. What has worked and what hasn't? What will be the tipping point to bring an end to this madness?