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Alternative Schooling (home schooling, pods, etc.)

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I am hosting two more information sessions for current homeschooling families and those interested in taking the leap.

One in Washington Height, Manhattan and the other in DUMBO Brooklyn.

Check them out and RSVP here:

  • Gregor Williams

    I am excited to announce my first homeschool information session.

    RSVP for this event by clicking here

    Please share!

  • Gregor Williams


    In March I am planning homeschool meet-up events throughout the 5 boroughs and one in Lower Fairfield County.

    If you are interested in teaming up to help me find spaces and get the word out, please leave a comment. The idea is to get people in the same room, get them information about home schooling, and assess what the exact needs of the families are and how much money they are willing to invest in such an education.

  • I am planning some in person events for March. If you are interested in homeschooling or starting your own one-room school house, please complete this form:

  • B

    Hi humans interested in true learning! I worked at a school on the UWS of Manahatta for the past 14 years. The first 9 years were blissful because I was the school’s storytelling teacher. I told stories k to 8 and taught kids to tell stories. I basically created a public speaking and critical thinking curriculum using folktales from around the world and steeped in the oral tradition of storytelling Infused with theater and mindfulness and movement and PLAY. I would love to work with any group of home schoolers.

    here is a link to the most amazing school I have ever seen, it actually lived up to it’s beautiful website. I’m going to do a workshop there on Feb. if anyone is interested in road trip

  • Stephanie Edmonds


    This is a space for discussing alternative education options...

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